The following pages contain photographs I took in 1997 which reveal what has become of many of the rides and attractions we grew up with. There are several locations scattered throughout South Jersey that contain these hidden graveyards of scrapped amusements and props. Fortunately quite a few of the pieces pictured have since been salvaged and are being preserved.
The Hunt's Flyer roller coaster cars as they looked in fall of 1997. They have since been purchased and to my knowledge at least one has been restored.
Photos above show Hunt's Flyer coaster chain and motor.
Photo to the left shows Hot Wheels Harry on Hunt's Pier. To the right he is pictured in an advertisement from one of the company catalogs.
The photos above were taken in 1998. Harry had seen better days. Years of exposure to the elements took its' toll on this Funni-Frite stunt leaving nothing to salvage.
Sections of the circular trough that served as the Kiddie Boat ride on Hunt's Pier...
Sections of the fencing that surrounded the Iron Horse depot...


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