Designed by John Allen and constructed by Hunt's Pier staff, the Golden Nugget was a custom built enclosed coaster and Hunt's premier ride for the 1960 season. A runaway mine car will whisk you through a western frontier complete with cowboys and Indians. Once up the lift hill, you would be taken on a short jaunt atop the structure where you could view an old prospector panning for gold... a covered wagon and the boot hill graveyard just before being dropped down the bottomless shaft! (Well, not really). As you fly through the interior you would encounter many of Bill Tracy's creations - miners and skeletons…giant bats and buzzards…even the classic near head-on collision with another mine car. Additional visual effects by Tracy included toppling barrels, collapsing mineshafts, trick waterfall, and a roll through a spinning barrel of golden nuggets. This classic dark ride will live on in the hearts and memories of all who had the pleasure to ride.


Copyright Ralph Grassi 2009