Sadly, another key member of the Hunt's Organization has left us - Louis "French Louie" Vendittelli, loving caretaker of the Golden Nugget Mine Ride, has passed away at the age of 79. Louie was an iconic figure on the Wildwood Boardwalk and like so many of Hunt's Pier's memorable attractions, he too was a one of a kind. He was an "old school" dude whose distinctive appearance and french accent made him a stand-out figure on the pier and around town. I'll miss seeing Louie and his obligatory hat, and saddened that I'll never share another conversation with him. Louie was not one to live in the past and he would always remind me that what's gone is gone, yet he would occasionally become sentimental when reminiscing about his many years on Hunt's Pier. I will always remain grateful that I had the chance to know him over the years and will always remember and appreciate his candor, his temperament, and his kindness.
Obituary taken from the Atlantic City Press

Louie and me at the old Hunt's Lot in Lower Township Cape May NJ (2004).

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