The original Regent Theatre was located at Atlantic and Lincoln Avenues. Bill Hunt purchased the theatre in 1921 and had it moved to the Boardwalk at Garfield Avenue. The original building was constructed of wood. In the mid 1940's the theatre was reconstucted with concrete block. The Regent would undergo a major change in 1977 with the concept of the Boardwalk Mall. Commisioned by The Falk family ( of Falk's Gift Shops on the Wildwood Boardwalk) and designed by the architectural firm of John Williamson the Regent was totally renovated to create over 30 stores within the shell of the old theatre. Some of the stores included "Edison Electric Body Lighting" - which sold flashing designer jewlery - and "Chucky Chuckles" - a magic and gag shop. The ground level was occupied by a large video and pinball arcade and an 18 hole miniature golf course. The apperance of the mall has changed over the years with the addition of a beautiful mural painted by world reknown marine artist Wyland. The seascape which graces the north and west walls of the mall was painted by the artist in 1993 while on his East Coast Tour.
This oscar winning documentary played in the summer of 1970.
The new modern look of the Boardwalk Mall in the summer of 77'.

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