The Shore Theatre was designed by an architectural firm of Thalheimer and Weitz out of the Philadelphia area and opened on November 7, 1939. The movie complex was built to accommodate two stores - one on either side of the cinema. The north store was the business offices for Hunt's Theatres Inc. - The south side was home to several businesses over the years including Tomi John's and Mallin's restaurants. Like the Casino, the Shore operated year round and had seating for 1,400. The Shore became a twin theatre in January of 1971 and eventually was paired (in name only) with the Blaker theatre which was located adjacent to the Shore. The two theatres would now operate under one name - the Shore Four. The Hunt's sold the theatres along with the rest of the family enterprises in 1986. It continued to operate as a movie house under new ownership but eventually closed for good in the early 90's. The property is now owned by the Morey organization and the theatre still stands today however demolition is certain. The Wildwood landmark is scheduled to be razed the end of November 2005.
The Shore as it looked in 1961.
Classic movie house doors long since removed.
Released nationwide the day after Christmas in 1973 - THE EXORCIST premiered in Wildwood in the winter of 1974 along with Magnum Force.
Released nationwide in December 1972 - THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE ran at the Shore Twin Two in 1973 along with Paper Moon.
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Halloween had a limited engagement in the Wildwood area in 1979. More than six months after its release Halloween ran for a brief three weeks in May at the Rio Twin Two in Rio Grande - and only one week in June at the Shore Twin Two in Wildwood.
The movie programs they would hand out at the theatres were great. They would let you know what was playing and what was to come in the following weeks - Another special treat that has become a thing of the past.

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