This ride originally started out as the "DEVILS INN" in 1963, but was soon redesigned by Bill Tracy to become the "Whacky Shack". With slanted rooftops, crooked shingles and shutters, and all around whacked out appearance this ride is fondly remembered by anyone who frequented Hunt's Pier. The cock-eyed letters that spelled its name would rock from side to side - and the dormer above housed a ghostly skeleton that would slowly move back and forth behind the glass. In addition to the ghosts and ghouls were many memorable scenes of horror - Some of which included a young damsel being cut in half (lengthwise no less) by a giant motor driven buzz saw... little demons adorned in chef hats preparing their next meal in hells kitchen... and the knit wit…a skeletal old hag sitting in her chair spinning spider webs. Once exiting the car you would make your way down the ramp to the boards - It was at this point that you would start to hear the perpetual flushing and have to peek in the moon shaped window in the outhouse to view the pour soul reaching his hand out from the haunted toilet - "Goodbye cruel world!" In 1969 the Shack was relocated towards the front of the pier to make room for the brand new Log Flume Ride. The ride lived its last few years under the name Hunt's Horror and was removed in 1994.

Featured below are shots of the "Whacky" interior.

Bill Tracy's classic "Knit-Wit"
Whacky advertisement 1964
"I see dead people"
Hell's Kitchen
An askew view
Spooky "Bang" Doors.
Mad Scientist

"Goodbye cruel world!"

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