The above photos show a side view of Fun Pier from the beach. Photo to the left shows the north side of the pier and was taken shortly before the fires of 84'. The photo to the right shows the south side of the pier and was taken in 1980.

Pictured above is the Lost World dark ride. To read more on this attraction CLICK HERE.

The photos above show the Jungleland darkride on Fun Pier and were submitted by Jack Seddon. To read about the elephant pictured above CLICK HERE.

The Sky Tower was developed by Universal Design Limited which was located at the CMC Airport.

Universal Design Limited also developed the Fun Pier Monorail system. Both attractions were added to the pier in the mid 60's. To see more photographs of the Monorail - Click Here!
Joe Barnes on the pier in 1966.
Kiddie car ride.
The Seascape Dark ride in the late 60's.
Side view of the ride in 72' (missing a few letters)

Seascape was located at the back of the pier on the southeast corner.


Castle Frankenstein



1984 was not a good year for Fun Pier. The August fire which had claimed several attractions including a defunct Castle Frankenstein had barely cooled when just three months later another fire ripped through the pier. It was on November 24th on a brisk and bright Saturday afternoon when the fire was called in to police by a passer-by at 1:37pm. The fire successfully destroyed at least eight amusement rides and attractions and caused part of the pier to collapse. When firefighters arrived at the scene the flames were shooting 60 to 70 feet into the air along with thick black smoke and appeared to be burning in the center of the Lost World dark ride and traveling east toward the ocean. The blaze was brought under control by about 3:30pm. Some of the rides lost in the flames were the Crazy House, the Jet 400 roller coaster, the Mirror Maze, the Lost World and a Scooter Ride. The Sky Tower also sustained some damage.

Wildwood fireman drench the great ape of Lost World with water in hopes of saving him from the flames.

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