Below are various views of the "Supersonic" roller coaster. This ride was added for the summer of 71'.
Test your strength on the high striker.
The Toboggan ride 1970.
The "Yo-Yo" 1974.
Sportland Pool 1969
Submitted by Perry Weaver is a photo of Pulpo which was located on Sportland Pier. This European import was similar to the "Spider" or "Monster" rides. If you look closely - standing in the background to the left is the figure pictured to the right. He also was featured in the "Abandoned" article in the Lost and Found section of the site.

Below are a few exterior shots of the defunct "Dr. Blood's". I took these in October 1999. Check the Casino Pier Page to see the evil "Dr." as the ominous "Neptune" of the "Whirlpool" ride!

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